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Welcome to the CFO Group, LLC



Small and Midcap companies face many challenges in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.  The need for proper corporate governance and effective accounting systems and controls has never been greater.  We, at The CFO Group, LLC pride ourselves in providing cost effective customized business and tax solutions to our clients to improve their bottom line.  Whether it is providing SEC filing preparation assistance or controller type functions , our goal is to ensure our clients receive exceptional value for their hard earned money.

The CFO Group LLC provides superior service to small and midcap private or public companies.  Our professional experts have significant experience in executive level financial management with both North American and International companies ranging in size from microcap to billion dollar investment funds and their portfolio companies.

Whatever the needs, we assist management and their shareholders in exceeding their goals by providing solid expert advice in the financial management of their companies.



Offices in Florida, New Jersey and New Brunswick, Canada  



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